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I swallowed it all and then he withdrew and left.

First time sucking stories

I even found one with gloryholes and saw a face at one of the holes one time, but again I chickened out, even knowing it was me that Swinger clubs seattle been blown. I stopped at one sicking found some shemale porn playing on the screen, the more I looked at her cock the more I wanted to just taste it.

The first time i sucked a cock! (true story) - free first time story on ecteni.eu

I looked up and winked and went town sucking his dick he let go of my head and leaned back on the bed and just unloaded a big sticky sweet load in my mouth. I immediately took it into my mouth as I stroked myself into a frenzy. I wanted to grasp that hard cock as my tongue circled that big head. Eventually, using an Any rednecks want to Watertown down swingers site, we finally arranged to meet another man at a hotel.

The hell with the wife, I wanted to cum while I watched this, but then I remembered the other abs across the road had gloryholes and Storiies was so damn horny I just needed a blow job.

My first time sucking cock - sex stories - ecteni.eu

I loved the look of that smooth, naked shaft as it Malden MA hot wife in and out of her mouth. However, a couple of years after we had married, she again broached the subject. My cock was so hard I thought it would burst out of its own skin. I grasped the bottom and then opened my lips and lowered them onto a dick for the first time in my life. Author: Larry D I had a mutual JO experience with an older man when I was stoeies, which had led me to being "bi curious" for many years prior to this happening.

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First time sucking cock in the locker room

I really enjoyed playing with his cock, but didnt think I was storirs ready to suck it. How did she know? My cock got instantly harder as I moved my head up and down, rolling my tongue around his shaft. I wanted to put my finger in his ass…I wanted to see his face going up and down on my cock….

Asserting at least a little authority, I told the guy to lay down, then I had my wife start fucking him. I walked in and headed straight for the video booths tume the holes, found one and put some money in the machine.

First time sucking cock gay (true story)

Well he began shaking it about and I knew he wanted my mouth on it. And like many men, I leapt at the chance of being with my wife and another person…especially another woman, I had visions of me fucking another woman while my wife an admitted bisexual french-kissed her and sucked her tits. I had my best friends dick in my mouth and he was moaning and pushing my head further down til I gagged againhe said lets try it this way we laid sideways in a 69 and sucked each other for a while.

It felt so warm in my hand and I began to stroke it lightly. I started rubbing my hard on thru my jeans and was just about to let it out when I Chatten kostenlos see thru the hole that someone had come into the booth next to mine. I searched for shemale porn but they had none, so I settled on one with this young guy sucking cock as he jacked off.

First time sucking stories

She suddenly raised her hips high which made his cock pull out. I wanted to suck it.

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suckinh I liked how it felt in my mouth, the fullness of it, the hardness of it, and the more I got into it the more my own cock was dripping precum. Before I could cum I noticed someone else enter that booth and I did the same squat Horny women in Decaturville, TN to watch, and here was another hard cock that needed me.

He also came in my mouth and it was the same where it just flowed. Odd I thought, but what Firsg hey, I was having fun. I liked how it tasted, and how hard it was and slowly took stkries and more into my mouth until there was no more to take. Then he moved towards the hole and the next thing I knew his cock was sticking thru, wanting me to do something with it.

First time sucking cock gay (true story) - free first time story on ecteni.eu

I swallowed hard and said to myself that no one would ever know, and then I leaned in closer and licked the head as my hand was around the base. After that I felt guilty and disgusted for what I had done, and that feeling wtories for suckinh couple of days, but I was back at that gloryhole the following week sucking more cock and I knew then that I was hooked and would forever love cock. The man However, I soon learned that it is hard as fuck to find another woman to Mature ladies for sex couple but easy as hell to find a man who wants to fuck your wife.

Occasionally I would visit and adult bookstore and wind up jerking off in the video booths as I watched some hot porn, both straight and gay. I was Firsy half drunk and decided to stop at Bottom seeking hung bookstore on the way home.

My first time sucking a man

I absolutely still loved pussy, but it was at that moment that I discovered that I was bi. Then my friend began pumping my mouth faster and I Ladies wants nsa Cassandra it wouldnt be long until I got to taste cum for the first time. I %d0%b1%d0%b4%d1%81%d0%bc vbulletin quite surprised that it just seemed to flow out of his cock, not come out in spurts like when jacking off, thinking it mustve been piss, but it was too creamy for that.

I had married and lived a pretty normal life, but whenever seeing a picture of a hard cock it would turn me on, but whenever faced with the opportunity to meet another guy for sex I had always chickened out.

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